Sunday, August 3, 2008

Planning BF Bday in November Started Yesterday

I love BF a lot. I love his smile and laugh. Even when he pisses me off so badly that I want to punch him in the face within 2 minutes he can have me laughing again. It's frustrating and relieving all at the same time. We love to bug each other as frequently as possible. It may sound a little weird but it works for us. We really are a good team.

I love to do really special things for his bday. The first year I knew him he was away at school so we didn't do anything. I called him and that was it. The second year I lavished him with presents. Last year I decided to throw him a surprise bday party!

I set up an event on facebook inviting all his friends he's made while in BC and told them to reserve the date but that they would not get details until 24 hours before just so there wouldn't be any slip ups. We went to a friends restaurant that features belly dancers the first Saturday of each month which just happened to fall on his bday that year. The dinner was amazing and everyone had a great time dancing with the girls. I left early and went home to decorate the house like a casino for all the boys to have an all night poker game. While I was doing that they all went to play pool at a reserved VIP room that I had set up beforehand. I joined them there after decorating. The food for the after party had all been prepared the night before while BF was sleeping soundly. It was a lot of work but in the end it was all worth it.

We talked about his bday the other night when we were at the same restaurant. BF hates his bday and said from now on he wants very casual laid back bdays where there is nothing too special, just a nice acknowledgement from people that its his special day.

I've been slowly forming possible scenarios for this year in my head. Last night I did some web surfing to check up on some of the ideas that I have. I think I have figured it out. I can't say much because I'm unsure of how much he reads this blog so I won't be able to give out any details. I'm thinking its going to cost me about $600.00 though. That's my set budget. I know it seems like a lot but the following month he's going away to Quebec for the holidays. Since it may be our last xmas before the big trip to Australia we are spending it with our own families.

Since his bday is not until the beginning of November I will need to start saving $200.00 a month to make this idea a reality. Its not so bad when I think about that way. One problem I have is needing a credit card for one part of the event for reservations. I think I will ask my brother if I can use his after giving him the cash upfront. Hmm.. lots to think about!

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Canadian Saver said...

Last year's party sounded like so much fun!!!

I'm really curious to see what you have planned :-)