Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Last Day at Work

So I guess people are wondering how my last day at work went. Well, I cried... twice! People I am not a person who likes to cry in public but my monthly little friend has been visiting and I've been crying at commercials so I'm not surprised. Well, ok, so I was feeling a little emotional anyways but it totally wrecked my whole tough girl persona at work damnit!

Everyone had been coming up to me individually for the last two days telling me how much it sucks that I was leaving and how much they would miss me. It really made me start to second guess my choice. On Friday a girl that I worked with from the job from hell started as a new employee. It was great to see her but I was sad to hear what happened after I left. Almost all my favorite people were either sent packing or had been so stressed they had to take medical leaves. :(

I made cupcakes for the last day because I knew I was really going to miss these people and I wanted to do something nice. However, they wanted to do something nice for me too so on the second to last break they made everyone stay at their station when the break buzzer went. Then they surprised me with a big ice cream cake with a message on it. I was ok until I saw the message but then the water works came.

"Good luck Dolly! We'll miss you"

Down came the tears. Later on I was also given 18 farm eggs by my boss but he had his wife give them to me because he didn't want everyone to know he's a softy. So sweet! It was a really great day full of love. The second time I cried was when my boss's husband came out for cake and told me I wasn't allowed to quit because they would all miss me to much. When I started crying they asked what they could do to make me stay but then quickly said sorry because they knew it was a medical reason.

At the end of the day I talked to my female boss about how hard it was for me to leave. She said I haven't burnt any bridges and I can go there anytime I need work. Even if its just fill in or temporary in the future when I need some money and a job to go to. I asked her "what if I show up on Monday?". We both laughed and I almost teared up again and she told me to take a week or so and think about my health and if there is a way that I can work safely and not make matters worse she would love to take me back but that I need to think about the future. She's right... I have to be in tip top shape for Australia.

It was hard to leave and it will be strange to walk into a new job on Monday. I'll keep you posted on what happens my first day.


Fabulously Broke said...

Please do.

It sounds like you left on a good, high note (unlike moi) and things are gonna be just fine.

LeighAnn said...

It sounds like you had some nice people there. I would have cried too!

ASHLEY said...

Well, it's ok to cry a little on your last day of work... I got a little teary eyed myself! It's hard to leave something that was a part of you.

Good luck with the new job!

Canadian Saver said...

It must be hard to leave a job when you enjoy your coworkers that much... maybe you can go back once in a while to work a short shift or just to visit :-)

Nathaniel said...

Wow.... Dolly that's a beautiful entry that inspires me on a deep level. After a whole bunch of bad knocks you can finally prove to yourself and the world that you can end a job on very positive terms. That you are a valuale, kind employee who people enjoy being around. I think they know and love the same Dolly I do!