Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have been all worked up about quitting this whole week. Today I got up the courage and called in. I woke up feeling worse than yesterday so I called my carpool and then called work to tell them I couldn't come in. When I called work I also set myself up to have this conversation by saying I needed to talk to her later today regarding an issue that was brought up at my doctors appointment.

When I called she was really understanding. I started off by saying why I was not there today. She was pretty nice about that end of things. Then I just told her. I said I was offered another job last week which I really struggled over because it was making less money and I really like the staff that I work with at her company. Then I told her about the doctors appointment and the carpel tunnel syndrome.

She said she knew I was going to leave today by the message when I mentioned the doctors office. She said her body is old and worn down and barely works anymore and that she didn't want me to be like her. She also said that if I ever want a job back there again, even temporary, the door is open. She said I'm a great employee, hard worker, wonderful personality and everyone there will be really sad to see me go.


So the dirty deed is finally done. I told her I would still work tomorrow and Friday if she wanted me to come in and she said that would be an immense help because they have a huge shipment due tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I will be able to sign paperwork and get my last cheque on Friday but we'll see.

In other news it sucks to miss three days of work. I'm really scared about how missing this much work will affect my cheque. Also, I don' t know when the pay days are at my new job yet. Hmm..

I have an update on the Australia situation but that will have to wait for later. I'm off to have a shower and then maybe print out some resumes to look for a part time job. I'm going to need it!


Shevy said...

Well, you bit the bullet. It's funny how we can agonize over these things and then half the time they're much easier than all the scenarios we've played in our head.

Your boss was very understanding and said great things about you!

Now all you have to do is get better so you can enjoy your new job.

Dolly Iris said...

haha... Shevy you are so right! I am a classic builder upper of negative situations.

J. Money said...

WOW, congrats!!! yeah, for real - your boss was totally cool with it. That shows you were did a great job!!!

Hope those resumes find some good owners ;)

Fabulously Broke said...

Congrats my dear. I did the same thing - wondering how it'd play out. Ended up pretty anti-climatic.