Thursday, September 4, 2008

Readers I need YOUR help

I am having a really tough dilemma with this whole job thing. I mean, I really need a new job but I'm not really wanting to take a pay cut. There are two reasons I'm leaving my job. One, because its so physical and two because the pay sucks. Why would I leave one labour job for another sort of labourish job for less pay?

I'm going to work out some pros and cons here.

Current Job:

Love the staff
Will have benefits in less than 4 months (really need dental soon)
Can look for another job that has more pay in the meantime (easier to take time off)
Already have future dates booked off that I need with no problem
I get really cheap farm eggs from my boss, lol

The pay SUCKS
It's physically draining. I have pain in my back and my hands (going to the doctor Monday)
My coworker broke the microwave (ok, ok it's not a reason to quit but it sucks) :D

New Job

Will save $60 on carpool ( I like carpooling though)
Is close to home
Get discounts on store items and at Bed and Bath ( we don't have Bed & Bath in my town)
The manager and her assistant seem really nice
I get to sleep in an extra hour because it starts an hour later than my current job


There are no guarantees I will like this job any better than the one I have now
I will make less money at this job ( I CANNOT afford to make less than I do now)
I get off an hour later which means I can't really get a second job because its kind of late in the day to start another shift somewhere else.
I will have to find a different job soon to make ends meet which means starting this job and possibly leaving in the near future (ugh)

So there you have it. There may be other reasons that I can't think of off the top of my head but that's basically what is rolling around in my brain right now. I just can't afford to make less. Bottom line... but I'm tired and sore. Sigh* BF says to set my sights higher, for a better paying job so I can work less and be more energetic. He's right. I underestimate myself.

So fellow bloggers and readers I really need your help and to hear your opinions on this matter. I was going to give notice tomorrow but now I think I will take the weekend to think it over. There's not much difference in telling my boss tomorrow or on Monday so I think its the best thing to do. I'm so indecisive!

I'm going to try and set up a poll. Let me know what you think PLEASE!!!


Nathaniel said...

Ooh! Now I see where the "turmoils" come in. This is a hard one, Dolly.

Based on what I've read here I'd have to say keep your current job.

This new job is a huge gamble. All you know for certain is that the pay is less than your current job and you don't know anything about the people you'll work with.

Not being able to look for another job means you'd most likely feel trapped.

A supportive work environment is really good for mental health and stability. I suggest you stay in this job until something better comes along.

Shevy said...

If you really CANNOT afford to make less than you're currently making (and the $60 you'll save in carpool won't make up for the shortfall), then I think you have no choice but to stay with your current job for now and look for something that really pays better (and not just nominally better). There's no point in giving up people you like working with in order to make $.10/hr more.

It's totally none of my business, but is there a reason why you're working labour jobs when it's physically hard on you (other than that you have previous experience and it's therefore easy to get)? Why not apply for office jobs? (I was going to suggest retail too, but the pay is bad unless you have lots of experience.)

Or if you like labour as opposed to sitting all day, why not something like Fedex or UPS because they pay well?

DogAteMyFinances said...

I say hold on to your current job and keep looking for something better. No, not better, something FABULOUS.

I think job hunting is really a lot like dating, the impatient settle for something they know isn't right for them.

Go to more networking events, like women's business club or religious ones or local ones. Print up some personal business for a few bucks. Get out there and brand yourself!

Ginger said...

I'm with Shevy on this one. Can you tell us why you choose to work labour jobs? Is it an education issue, or is there just nothing else available?

Office jobs are much easier on you and often pay just as well if not better than any labour jobs I've seen. They also give you a few more chances to grow and learn new skills.

Maybe stay at your current job a little bit longer, but really step up the job search and expand your net: look for different types of jobs,there's so many out there I'm sure you'll find something :)

Go to lots of interviews for lots of things, it sounds like you only interviewed at the one place. If you're applying to lots of places and not getting any interviews, re-evaluate your resume and also how you present yourself at the interview.

If you would like some more advice I'd be happy to help :) My college used to use me and my resume as examples to teach all the other students.

livingpaychecktopaycheck said...

Now that you've made a Pros/Cons list, I think that you should rate each item 1-5 in importance to you. As readers, we can only guess what you rank as most important in a job, or use our values which might not be the same as yours.

If the $60/month savings in gas doesn't make up the difference in the smaller pay, you should keep the first job.

On the other hand, if you're straining your body too much at this job you could risk some serious damage and/or serious medical bills. Something to consider.

Arual said...

Wait....the microwave is broken??? Go with new job!!! ;) lol just kidding.

Fabulously Broke said...

First things first.

1. What's your priority? If you need to make more money or make the same amount, then you know what the answer is --- stay at your job.

2. If you can afford to earn less (assuming #1 is moot), then think about your health. It's hurting your body - and you don't want health problems later, so leave while you're still in one piece.

3. If you think piece of mind is key, then the answer is clear: leave.

However, you will be having to find a new job ANYWAY (at least hold out for a new job that is BETTER in all aspects before leaving), in a couple of months, so why not search for a couple of months?