Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Enough is Enough

Today I quit :)

Yay for me!

I was responsible about it though. I started yesterday by sending a Face.book msg to my old carpool buddy asking if she would still be interested in carpooling if I was to come back. She msged me back almost instantly and said she would definitely love that.

Today I was planning to call my old employer since things were really shitty but I forgot the number. By the time first break rolled around I was so desperate to get out of there I called BF at work who searched the number online for me. I called and spoke to my boss' husband who said they would love to have me back and to call back later to speak to his wife.

I called later on and she was very happy to hear from me and said she just had to check with her office that it would be okay but other than that they would be more than delighted to have me back. I was careful to tell her it may only be temporary. She told me she expected me to give proper notice to my new boss and that she would call me tomorrow after she spoke to the front office.

I knew I was supposed to wait until tomorrow to quit but I couldn't. I bit my tongue until after last break (each break was very busy on my cell, lol) when I was just about to bite the head off a customer. I thought... I can't wait. Even if I don't get back on at my old employer I've got to get the f@ck out of here!! I asked my manager if we could have a private chat when she was not busy. Turns out she wasn't busy.

We had a sit down in a private room and I spilled the beans. I told her "I'm just going to be very straight forward and honest". She loved that. We really are very similar people. So these are the points I made:

  • The reason I had wanted a job in production was to avoid the public. This job has me out with the customers half the working day, which is not something I like or that will change.
  • I can deal with rude or aggressive customers because they are sick (pharmacy) but I will not take crap from the a$$holes who shop in this particular store.
  • I miss my old coworkers and I find that not all the staff are very friendly
  • We talked in length about a specific worker that she's already had plans to do something about.
  • Then I told her I am just plain unhappy. I told her its affecting my moods and people have noticed. I haven't felt creative in a week and with only one year until Australia I just want to be happy in BC as I may go to Quebec for a few years once I come back.
  • Lastly I told her I had already called my former employer and had made arrangements to return to my old job once I had completed whatever time frame she needed me for to find a replacement.
She took everything really well. She said that she was sad because she really liked me a lot as a person and was really excited about having me as one her team members. Then she told me about her personal experiences that related to what I was going through which helped a lot. She told me that no bridges had been burned and there were no bad feelings. Then she actually commended me on being so honest about the entire situation. (Honesty is always the best policy). THEN she told me.... she expected 2 weeks notice out of me as a professional courtesy to give her time to bring somebody in and train them. In return she promised to reduce my time in the public area of the store to as much of a minimum as possible while I finished my time there.

Whew! Let the countdown begin!!! (Its going to be darn hard to last two weeks!!!! *sigh)

14 days to go!! 0/14


Nathaniel said...

How things have changed! When I was a teenager I practically lived at that store, the staff there were like my best friends. In fact, I still have a lot of the cool stuff I bought from there during that period. I suppose it's a lot easier being a customer of that store than an employee!

Anywhoo... What's remarkable about this is not that you quit a horrible job but HOW you did it.

You left your previous (and possibly future) job on very good terms and you've done it again with this job.

I don't think you had any control over the situations that led to you quitting, but you took complete control and ownership of the situation when you decided it was time to part ways.

What a classy, mature move! This will only strengthen your confidence and mood.

Doctor S said...

Good for you. Close one book and starting writing a new one. it sounds like the people at this new job really do like you so hopefully that will work out better. Way to get ot the point and be confident and upfront with the current boss. Very professional!

Canadian Saver said...

Wow, you really handled that well... I hope the next 2 weeks are tolerable and wish you good luck when you go back to your previous employer!