Tuesday, September 16, 2008

JOB = :(

WTH! I had a feeling I was making the wrong decision about my job.....

Tomorrow I have to work two hours overtime that is mandatory. I have to be at work at 6am and work until my usual 430. WTF?!?!?! This is soooooooo annoying. They are flipping the whole store around and they want everyone in two hours early. I'm not impressed at all. Yes, the money is a plus but I can barely stand to work there a whole eight hours, never mind ten.

Sigh* I found out today I'm eligible for benefits in 3 months but I don't even want to stick around for them. Seriously... I hate my job that much.

I got an email on Facebook from my old carpooling buddy from my last job asking how everything is and I told her honestly that I am considering coming back to the old job.

I just want to find a job I don't hate going to but I can't. I know I'm only going to be working for another year until we go to Australia but I still want to be happy in the meantime.


Canadian Saver said...

Wow. That sucks. Sorry to hear you are so unhappy there :-(

I worked a job I hated for 2 whole years. Actually 2 years plus 1 month. I started counting the days before the end of my contract 250 days before it ended. I was 100% miserable. I stuck to it cuz the money was great, but I regret it now. It wasn't worth the wasted time.

Move on. You deserve a better job!!

Ginger said...

Dolly, you keep jumping around from job to job. All jobs are mostly boring, maybe you're being a little bit picky?

Of course I don't know anything about your situation outside of what you have written, but it seems like you'll never be happy no matter the job?

Does it pay the bills? Are the people decent to you? Does it hurt your body? Does it help you achieve those goals that are so important to you?

Any kind of labour/unskilled job you choose is going to be boring and repetitive. Even people's careers that they went to school for can be a drag sometimes, that's just the way things are.

Just trying to help keep things in perspective. Maybe you should evaluate/analyse things a little more.

Hope you can work something out!

Dolly Iris said...

Everyone has standards. These jobs don't meet mine. I don't have a problem trying new things. That is the point of figuring out what I like before going to school or starting my own business.

I have been happy at other jobs in the past but right now I'm not looking to progress at any job. I'm leaving in a year and I just want something lucrative that doesn't bore me half to death.

There is NOTHING wrong with working labour jobs. I am woman who enjoys a hard days work. These jobs do require skills.

I will keep job hopping until I find something I like... bottom line :)

Nathaniel said...

They's no ice cream cakes at your new job! And it sounds so illegal to make someone work overtime. In fact, I'm pretty damn sure it IS illegal and just plain exploitive.

Nathaniel said...

I just read Ginger's comment. I love you and your biscuit eating cat, but I strongly disagree with what you say.

I've known Dolly since childhood and she IS NOT PICKY. She's done some of the most brutal, back breaking jobs with a smile, still offering more for others at every turn.

She is, however, a woman with morals, and standards. She stands up for what's right and just when most just keep their mouths shut and swallow abuse.

It's because of people like Dolly that we have the rights we do today.

She's my fucking hero!