Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family Weekend

This weekend BF is on the mainland looking for a motorcycle to buy. Scratch that... he called me last night and said he found one. I was shocked he found one so quickly and purchased it like that but he seemed so excited I tried not to burst his bubble asking 1001 questions. He's very responsible with money and I trust he knows what he wants. Plus, he's the best bargain hunter I've ever seen. Supposedly he talked the guy down quite a bit so ... yay to the power of negotiation!

I gravitated to my family to keep me company and out of the house for the weekend. Yesterday my parents and I spent some time shopping ( I only spent $5-6 the whole time). Then we went for lunch at a great restaurant up island and my share with tip was $18. After that we stopped in at Coombs were temptation was high for me. I LOVE COOMBS!! I managed to get through the market unscathed but then I found my lover pecan caramel corn and I spent another $6.

On the way home we stopped in at my grandfathers. We drove by his new home being built and gave him some updates. The home burned down in February. We are hoping it will be done by xmas but there are no guarantees. Then we went back to my parents and everyone pitched in some food to make a delicious dinner.

Now I'm off to drop off some resumes and spend some time with my youngest brother. BF should be back later tonight around 7pm I'm hoping. I really miss him a lot and it was kind of creepy coming home to an empty house last night.

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Arual said...

I live alone now and I still hate the creepy feeling of my empty house. I have a dog and cat which make it more bearable, but sometimes little noises freak me out and I realize that as strong as I am emotionally and mentally, I might not stand a chance against anyone who might break in.