Monday, September 15, 2008

The good the bad and the boring

Ok so I went to my first day on the job and so far it can be summed up as: BORING!!

I know its too early to judge but its not really looking like a job I would really like. Seeing as I've had 5 million jobs now it doesn't take me very long to to recognize things that I've had to do and haven't liked it the past.

HOWEVER, I'm still going to give it a chance.

Let's start with the BAD NEWS.

I started at the beginning of a pay period which means I won't see my first cheque for 3 weeks. Boooo! This also means I won't get any more money until October 1st which means really watching the pennies I have now and not being able to reach my September goals and having to take them onto my October ones. :(
Also, I find this job really boring and it requires me going into the front of the store sometimes which I hate. I really thought this was a back end position only. We'll see how it goes.

Onto the GOOD NEWS.
According to the new jobs pay schedule October is a three pay cheque month. YAY! That means that I will be able to catch up on everything no problem next month and hopefully secure paying off my student loan before the end of the year. So at the very least I will push on through October and November since I've already had my days off approved that I requested before being hired.

Everything is so boring at this new job and I miss my old coworkers :(

So that's a quick summary of my first day. I want to get started on dinner, I'm thinking sushi so I'm off to make that now. Toodles!


Shevy said...

I'm sorry to hear the new job seems to be boring. Maybe it was an off day?

I also get 3 cheques in October. That rocks!

Elisabeth said...

Wow; so even though you've got to wait, you'll be rolling in cash on payday ;-)