Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Last weekend BF and I were laying around and I demanded we talk about Australia. BF is a really laid back kind of guy. He's not a planner. I on the other hand plan everything. So I told him I need to know when he's planning on us going because I can't prepare myself without knowing an approximate date. Boy oh boy was I surprised to hear his answer.

October 2009. Eeek! I thought it was more like January 2010. Uh oh! I freaked out. I told him its kind of hard for me to reach all the goals I have by then and that its too early. He was really calm and told me that as long as I have all my debt paid off and a little saved not to worry about anything because he'll take care of it. Hmm... I don't want to rely on somebody else so I'm going to have to save as much as I can in the next year as possible. I want to get my retirement savings in the works before going on this trip.

Since my birthday is next month I'm asking BF to only buy me things related to the trip. I've asked him for a light weight backpack to carry all my worldly possessions and a head lamp. I know the backpack will be very costly so that's why I'm asking for it for my birthday instead of having to save up for it myself. Anything I can acquire through my birthday and xmas towards the trip will definitely help out a lot.

I believe I will have at least $500 in my Australia fund by the end of the year. Next year I'll need to save about $500/mo for 9 months to make my goal of $5000 for the trip. Wow! That's a lot of moolah!!


Canadian Saver said...

Dolly, you'll see that it's going to get easier now that you have a date set. I was saving for 2 years to go on a trip, but only added a few dollars here and there. As soon as I had a departure date for my trip, the money seemed to come from all sorts of sources! Don't forget your tax refunds, GST credit, pay-per-post, etc. all of those can go to the trip fund!

Arual said...

I agree with CS, now that you have a date it will be easier to save! And start making a list of everything you need to get done from now till then (ie. passport, working visas, places to store your stuff).
I am so excited for you for going to Australia! I want to go to Australia. *sigh* :)

Nathaniel said...

w00t! I think that it's nice of him to pay for it. There's a huge income gap between most men and women, so I think in a way may this evens things out a bit. You've been busting your ass since you were old enough to pee, it's time someone, just once in your life, gave you a break. You deserve it.