Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Removing Temptation

Yesterday I removed the money I had left in my account for BF birthday fund. The August alloted amount of $200 was reached but I haven't been to bank in awhile to withdraw it. I stash this money in a secret hiding spot. I am really excited to be on track with saving money for his big day. I feel very confident that the next two installments of $200 from September and October won't be any big issue and I'll be all set. I'm so glad I figured this all out early enough to save for it this way.

I noticed there was still an extra $42 in my account. I get paid on Friday and won't be doing anything in between so I decided to take that money and send it straight off to student loan. I set up a transfer of $40 which brings my total owing to $1862.57. My goal this month is to get it paid under $1500.

I have about $25 in cash to get me through the next few days just in case anything comes up. I also have the $15 for my last week of carpool ready and waiting to be given to my carpool buddy. I am happy I decided to get my money in order now so it doesn't temp me as the week goes on to spend it on something dumb. Yay!

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Canadian Saver said...

Great plans with that money!! I can't wait to see when you pay down your debt below $1,500 :-)