Sunday, September 7, 2008

Putting a Positive Spin on Lemons

Ok, so now that I've exposed some of the gritty details of my work history lets look at the positives it has brought me.

If I had not moved around and worked so many people I would not have learned everything that I have. Everyone I know compliments me on my vast knowledge about random topics all the time. It has also made me a more tolerant person. I have worked with thousands of people and believe me... I have not liked them all, lol.

No, I don't tell prospective employers how many jobs I've had. My resume only lists 4 jobs and makes it seem as though I've had a very steady work history. I am a great employee. I've never been called a slacker and I'm easy to train. I have a amazing work ethic and I've been so well trained by a gizillion places that I don't have to told a lot to get the job done.

I enjoy my vast work history as much as I've enjoyed all the travels that got me there. Of course there were some horrific experience but that is life. If your life stayed static all the time how would you know you are really living. I guess the way I see it is this life is mine and its short. I don't have to follow the mainstream to be happy. It's all truly about what I want and how I choose to get there.

I can't make any huge steps career wise right now because I'm going to Australia in just over a year. I'm not even going to attempt anything towards going to school until after I'm done and have money saved. I think once my mind is detached from everything and I'm leaving peacefully over there for a year that maybe things will become clearer. I have a small list of things that interest me now but we'll see how I feel in the future.

I also know that in the next few years I will spending some time living in Quebec as that is where BF's family is and he misses them dearly. So I need a career plan that allows me to move around a bit. I also know I want to work for myself. In another post I will jot down some things that interest me.

I really appreciate everyone's feedback. Thank you for taking the time to read my long posts and share your thoughts with me. Everyone's feedback has been so positive and supportive. I love my PF blogger family!!

More later... have to run.


Canadian Saver said...

Do you guys have an idea of the departure date?? That'll make it seem that much more real :-) I can't wait to read about the preparations before you go.

And yes, working in so many places must have given tons of work experience AND life experience too! You are wise beyond your years :-)

Shevy said...

Yes, it makes a bit of a difference if all your jobs don't appear on your resume, although I've applied for a couple of positions that required me to list every job I've ever had with the exact dates, accounting for any blanks with exactly what I was doing in the interim (i.e. on mat leave, on UI -- now EI, etc.).

I think these were jobs that required a security clearance or bonding and they checked every detail. I couldn't apply for one now. There's no way I could ever remember the dates and all the little positions from the past 30 years.

As for spending time in Quebec, how's your French? I have friends who moved to Montreal and she had to take a series of language courses before she could get any kind of employment.