Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Chilly in Here

Oh no! The time has come that BF and I hate the most. It's time to... turn on the heat. It started last night. I've been complaining the last few days its been cold and have been piling on the sweaters and slippers to avoid turning it on. When I broke out the blanket to watch TV I knew it would have to come sooner or later. Last night BF (the human heater) finally broke down and admitted he too was cold. Yes! I turned on the heat. After a few hours of the heat being on I decided to bake a lasagna and turn the heat off. The house was plenty warm to get us through the evening.

Today I'm home all alone and its freezing. Its ok to be bundled up in a blanket in front of the computer but when I went downstairs for leftovers it was freezing down there. On goes the heat again. We have company coming tonight so I've got to keep it warm in here and I don't want to catch a chill cleaning house, lol.

Anyone else had to turn on the heat yet?

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Arual said...

Yes. And I was super sad about that. I find it cold everywhere I go too. I hate this time of year.