Monday, September 8, 2008

Dr Update

Well I went to my schedule Doctors appointment. Everything went well I guess. He told me to drink a lot of fluid and take it really easy the next few days. He said tomorrow I can work up to crackers and toast but I'm already ahead of that. Sorry doc, but a girls got to eat! :)

I talked to him about the issues I'm having with my hands and wrists being sore all the time. A few years ago when I was working an "office job" I started getting stabbing pains shooting up from my wrist into my elbow and my wrists would throb. Then at night my hands would go numb in my sleep and wake me up.

Well since I've started this new job I've had something similar except now I wake up 6-7 times a night with hands so numb they are swollen. I have to flex them to get circulation going again. What's worse is when I try to flex them they seem almost out of joint and so I have to use one hand to move the other. Scary!

He told me to definitely try out the new job (I've been polling everyone lol) and if I'm still having issues in a few weeks after starting the new job to come back and we'll talk about thinks like carpal tunnel and tendinitis. Great! :(

I'm not supposed to go to work tomorrow which I know will piss off my boss royally since its a high volume day for us. What's even worse is tomorrow is when I was going to tell her this is my last week. I don't want to have to do this over the phone. I'm pretty sure this week is going to be super uncomfortable for me at work. Earlier today when I went home she said "Well I guess you're lucky its Monday and not Tuesday Dolly." Eek!


Shevy said...

Yes, this definitely sounds like a repetitive motion problem like carpal tunnel and/or tendonitis.

Typing is a major cause of carpal tunnel, but other workers get it too. Supermarket cashiers seem to be particularly prone to it. You may be doing some kind of repetitive motion at work that's causing it. I wouldn't think you're blogging enough to bring it on.

Check out some ergonomic solutions though for keeping your wrists straighter including adjusting the height of your keyboard or chair and don't type for long stretches.

Sometimes you get a splint to wear at night. I believe anti-inflammatories are also good and will help with the pain.

LeighAnn said...

That sure sounds like carpal tunnel. I will keep you in my prayers.

Take it easy and enjoy the day off!

Elisabeth said...

Oh, I hope the numbness isn't related to anything serious!

And true, a girl has gotta eat!

Canadian Saver said...

Yeah, I agree with everyone, it does sound like carpal tunnel :-( All your physical hard work is catching up with you :-(

Hope you feel better soon!