Sunday, June 8, 2008

The conversation

A lot of thinking and talking has been done over the last week or so. My frustration level with my job really hit its peak this week.

I never attended the job interview because after discussing it with BF we decided that I should try to get past my probation period and that way after it was completed I wouldn't have to compete for hours anymore. So I politely declined the interview. All in all, except for scheduling problems I really like my job. I enjoy the physical part of the work. When I go to Australia I want to be in great physical shape so I can withstand the long hot days picking.

On Monday I noticed not very many people were working which I thought was strange. I worked on Tuesday and there were still not very many people there. I worked my ass off that day, as I always do, because I wanted to be sure they noticed the extra effort. I found ways to improve my speed and I was quite happy with myself.

At the end of the day I went upstairs to check the schedule and was shocked to find out I wasn't scheduled for the next day. I have to say that I am a great worker who always gives 100% and was surprised to see who WOULD be working. I don' t like to say mean things about others but I will say they could have me in and lay two people off. Thats the difference between me and the other people lower on the totem pole.

Wednesday no work. Thursday no work. I did however run into another coworker who is having the same issues. She was surprised to see me not working. I told her I was rethinking looking for a job because at this rate I would never reach the end of my probation (60 working days). She reminded me that the week before she had received a letter stating her probation was extended another 60 days and that if she didn't improve they would "sever their relationship with her". Ouch!

Friday I went in to get my pay cheque which I knew would not be much since I was never working anymore. I checked to see if next weeks schedule was up but it wasn't. I headed to my managers office to pick up my cheque. He was sitting at his desk. He asked me how I was doing and was about to hand me two envelopes stapled together. I decided at that time to casually mention my concern over the lack of shifts.

I stated to him: Well at home I have a calendar that I keep track of my hours on and over the last few weeks I've noticed I'm getting less and less shifts per week. I just wanted to speak with you and make sure that there's nothing that I am doing that is holding me back from getting more shifts per week because at this rate I cannot support myself on these wages. I thought about taking on a second job but its very hard because this job is very physically exhausting and I worry about trying to juggle both. I've been looking for something to make money on the side but that takes time. Is there a problem that you'd like to discuss with me?


Stay tuned for the results of that conversation.


Arual said...

Your post reminded me of stories in magazines in the Victorian age where one had to wait till next month to see what happened!! Good job at cutting off at a climatic moment. I hope you have tim to write about it soon.

SavingDiva said...

Rough! I hope you get things sorted out!