Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Todays Events

Today I woke feeling like super crap so I called in sick to work. Later on I called in and had "the talk" with my boss about leaving the company which actually went rather well.

I started calling around about different jobs I saw listed and decided to print out some resumes and get on looking for a part time job. I went to the shopping center down the street where my new job is located at to try and find something there. The problem is the majority of the center is being torn down bit by bit and rebuilt so there's not a lot there right now.

I stopped in at the Shoppers there and decided to apply for a part time cashier position. I met with the head cashier who saw pharmacy on my resume and so she dragged me over to meet the head pharmacist. Things went really well and she said once they move to the new location she will need somebody to fill in on evenings and weekends (exactly what I'm looking for) to do some Rx filling and blister packing (which I love). She says once they move she's going to call me and work out some hours. Great!!! I'm not banking on it but it sounds like its a good possibility that I could be working there soon. I need to find out their move date.

Then I felt good so I didn't worry about handing out any more resumes and walked downtown to meet up with BF for lunch. We went to this new little Thia place and it was super delicious!

Afterward I decided to take a gamble and see if I could pass the learners test. I haven't been able to find my learners manual for a couple weeks and so I knew it was a risky gamble but I was feeling lucky. I did a few online tests earlier and did ok so I went for it. Um... I failed by 1. ONE!!! Oh well. They told me that all the time I accumulated on my last learners license is applied to this one so once I take the test I can bypass the wait time and do the road test right away. Which I'm not ready for but its still good to know.

So then I took the bus home and bought a slurpee on the way to console myself. It's delicious.


Frugal Dreamer said...

You mentioned your learners and you mentioned ICBC. You're in BC too!! Where abouts are you located? haha.

PS: That sucks that you failed by ONE! :(

Arual said...

Don't worry too much about missing it by one. I failed my learners at first and my driving test the first time. You just have to try again. And like my driving instructor told me, if everyone passed the first time, driving testing centers and schools wouldn't make any money, they are obligated to fail people in order to meet their bottom line. :)
You will feel so empowered once you have your license! Even if you don't have a vehicle...just knowing that you can control this massive machine is such a confidence booster.