Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Starting the Process of Sizing Down

There is too much stuff around me. Stuff I don't want or need. It's really time for me to start downsizing again. I've accumulated a lot of crap the last few years and I want to start paring down.

Clothes is a big one for me. I hate shopping for clothing. I really need to get rid of almost everything I have. What I would like to do is start getting rid of all the stuff that's been hanging there for months without being touched and focus on getting a few pieces that I really love. I'm hoping working at the second hand store will allow me to find some choice pieces at a good price point.

Paper is probably my second biggest problem. I have a bill binder somewhere that I used to use for years so that all of my bills and important documents were in one place. I haven't used it over a year so I'll need to track that down and start filing papers as I come across them. I do have a small filing cabinet in my office but I don't have any folders for it and when I went to the office supply store they seemed very pricey. The binder is just as easy for me and it fits snugly on a shelf to save space.

Mementos. I have so many things that I don't really need or truly want anymore but they hold so many memories for me. I'm a sentimental kind of girl. One thing I did when I was a teenager was taken pictures of things before I have them up so I could still look at it but it took up way less space. Maybe I'll try that again. I have to stop associating things to memories.

Random crap. As in.. WTF is this? Better hold onto it just in case! I'm sure everyone has a lot of this laying around. Maybe yours is.. W(hy)TF do I have this? It's every where and its just gets shuffled from one place to another.

Stuff... it's just a lot of work to maintain. It's in the way. I don't really need it so why is here?

It's best I start thinking about things now because I do not want to store very many things when we head off to Australia. Just things we truly don't want to let go of. That's why almost everything we have furniture-wise is second hand. So we can just part with it easily before we go. Well, I'm off to organize some stuff.

Check out this interesting post I read about The Four Laws of Simplicity.


LeighAnn said...

You should sell it all on eBay. You would be amazed at what people buy. It's easy money.

Unless of course, you are independently wealthy!


Doctor S said...

I have my definition when I look at things I have. If I do not know what it is or do not remember where is came from... I get rid of it. With clothes and sneakers I always find a sentimental value with many items, but its always a constant struggle. Sounds to me like you have a nice inventory for a garage sale.

Frugal Dreamer said...

Hey! I just stumbled across your blog. I'm also located in Canada, BC actually. I agree with your down sizing idea, i need to do this as well! I've added you to my blog list, congratulations on your success so far!! :)

Fabulously Broke said...

Hence why FB closet.

I have to keep a tight rein on myself or else I'll spend like no tomorrow