Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Job on Monday

I stopped going to the second hand store. It was completely fucked. I am not going to tell you what made me finally leave without the full two weeks but that I am so happy I did. I'm not sure how much I'm going to write about employment on my blog anymore. While most readers are very supportive, some comments piss me off and dwell in my brain which pisses me off even more.

It's very easy to read a blog post and judge somebody off 300 words isn't it?


LeighAnn said...

Look at the amount of comments you get.....when you get a negative one....keep it on there and forget about it. I used to be all affected by negative comments and then I realized they are just putzes and almost always ANONYMOUS!!

Stupid cowards!!

And believe me your other readers will come to your defense.

Obviously you are entertaining otherwise they wouldn't be reading your blog.

Nathaniel said...

I know the comments you refer to. They are condescending, nasty and entirely unnecessary. You put your true feelings, experiences and ideas out here. What do they offer in return? Their blogs, in comparison, are banal, self-serving yawn fests.

You know, you get LOTS of readers to your blog, in fact, most of my readers trickle through from the land of Dolly Iris.