Thursday, September 25, 2008

Creativity... I miss you

I feel like I'm all turned upside down lately. I feel pressured financially and my brain is already packed and gone to Australia. How will I ever survive the next year? I feel so icky all the time. Then today it hit me as I was staring out the window. Where has my creativity gone?

I used to come up with fun and wacky ideas all the time. Money schemes and party fiestas... you name it I was the brain behind it. Now, I feel like a well all dried up. My friends and family all come to me when it comes to planning a party. I'm in charge of the guest lists, contacting people, setting up the menu, directing people on what to bring... etc. It's made me wonder if my passion for these kinds of things should lead me in another direction.

I really enjoy cooking and have toyed with the idea of taking classes or a course to improve my skills and overall knowledge of the food world. I can see myself running a catering business or seniors meals program down the road. I always dreamed of having a restaurant of my own but the hours and stress seem a little too much. I have already helped somebody open a restaurant (my sister) and I know its no joke!

So today I had this idea spark into my head just like the good old days and I was off in lala land scheming again. I have an idea that I would like to implement as a trial run for a preteen/teen cooking class. I'm calling out to all my blogger family for some fun, easy, healthy recipes. If you've got em.. I want em! I have some ideas to make the whole thing work. Maybe I'm just going crazy off this one idea and it will soon fad away but I'm going to try to not let that happen. The only way to get the ball rolling is to do something for myself.

So please... any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

That's a brilliant idea!!

The only thing I know how to make is cinnamon toast!!

But, man, do kids love it!!