Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pay Stub Love

Yesterday I got my first pay stub. 2 days before pay day! I hear from the other staff we should usually be getting them the Tuesday before payday but lately they've been a day late. How fun is that? I love knowing how much money I'm going to be getting a few days early. I can't wait to actually get the money on Friday. It's direct deposit which is great because I hate having to make an extra trip to the bank. :)


Canadian Saver said...

Ohh I love getting my pay stub too (and I especially enjoy when there are no errors on it!!). I get mine via ... I get an email when it's ready.

I agree about direct deposit, it rocks!

How do you like your job?

Arual said...

I love that too. I can view my paystub online a few days before it is deposited. And you commented on my project so here is the link to my new blog that has the entire 101 goals I have for the next 1001 days. Some are similar to my list of 50 things to do, some are more serious.
I plan on bloggin when I complete items and during my progress too.

Doctor S said...

Pay stubs can be the greatest thing in the world, but they also can be pretty depressing for me. The past few years I have not been saving much money so when I look at the YTD Gross and the YTD Net Pay, I just want to jump off a building! But thats all changing and the green is starting to stack. So now I am a big lover of the paystubs!