Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Found Info

I was just checking out a newer blog called Shevy's Miscellaneous Life and saw some great info that I wasn't aware of. Did you BC residents know about the Climate Action Tax Credit? No? Neither did I until I read about on her blog. I already received the $100 dividend but I had no idea about this!

Find out more info here.

It turns out I do qualify! The first payment doesn't come out until October but will include both July and Octobers payments. I'm guessing it will be about an extra $50 bucks. GST comes out that month too so that is great. My birthday is October. Woohoo!! Great news!

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Shevy said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog!

I'm glad the info was helpful for you. I actually looked into it because I'd seen something about the Tax Credit and getting an automatic cheque didn't seem to fit the definition of a tax credit.

So, that's when I found out that there were actually 2 separate things. Unfortunately we don't qualify for the credit because we make too much as a family, but I'm glad you do!