Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's Cooking Wednesday!!! - Ramune Drink

Today's What's Cooking Wednesday is about a new soda I recently discovered. About a month or two ago I stopped in a sushi place with my sister to grab some takeout. While waiting for my turn at the till I noticed a drink cooler and decided to grab something to drink. All of the options looked pretty boring to me except one. I meant to drink it that day but instead it stayed in the fridge until last week when BF spotted it again and threatened to drink it if I didn't. I told him to open it up and share it with me. That's when we realized the soda was more special than we thought. I didn't know when I had bought it just how cool it was.
Introducing to you the Ramune Drink. This drink is special as it uses a marble to seal it . We didn't notice anything until we popped the little green cap off and spotted it the marble.
The lid is actually built to push the marble down into the bottle. Sorry for the blurry pic but the middle of the lid actually pushes in and in turn pushes the marble in as well. Its hard to see but the marble is sitting snugly in the mouth of the bottle.
After we finished the drink (which was really good) we played around with the strange looking bottle. The design of the bottle actually holds in the neck and you can roll it back and forth. If you look carefully you can see it resting there.
Here is a picture looking into the bottle so you can see the marble. Fun, right!?

I read up on it when I decided to post and read that some people have problems drinking it because the marble rolls into the opening but we didn't have that problem. I thought it was really good. I can't really think of how to describe the taste.... maybe a bit like raspberry ginger ale? It has a familiar taste but I just can't place it. Anyway, if you spot one I would recommend trying it for sure. I love trying new things!

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Canadian Saver said...

Too cool! I've never seen anything like that around here... thanks for the pics!