Thursday, July 17, 2008

Driving is Scary, but oh so convenient!

So for those of you who are new to this blog you may not know that I do not have a drivers license. I had a learners license at one point but after two years it expired.

Driving is a very big fear of mine. It really stresses me out thinking about it but its something I have to get over. Not driving limits me in a lot of ways.

  • I've missed out on a lot of great job opportunities because of it.
  • Transit here sucks so it takes an hour to just go to one place (errands? forget it)
  • Relying on other people in a rush situation is never fun
  • I want to start selling at Farmers markets but cannot transport every on the bus obviously
  • Transit is also expensive, limited to ridiculous areas and does not run very late or early
  • Grocery shopping is stressful when you have to think about how much everything weighs for your walk home.
  • Its never nice meeting people somewhere nice or going to an interview after standing in an Island rain or wind storm.
  • On road trips BF has to do all driving... this has to change before we move to Australia
These are just thoughts that came off the top of my head. Of course even if I could drive I wouldn't do it all the time because of environmental and financial reasons. Still, I need to conquer this fear and get myself in order to take on this challenge.

I was considering going down today to take my test but I'm not doing very well on the practice tests and I really should read the book before I go. I didn't read the book the first time and passed but this time I'm trying to take it more seriously.

I called the testing center and the close at 3:30 everyday for learners testing which means I would either have to do it today or to get off an hour or two early one day from my new job because I get off shift at 3:30. I just don't feel I could do it today. I can't cram a whole book in my head in 3 hours and make myself beautiful for the learners photo!

If you would like to try a practice exam you can find it here. I managed to pass one after 3 tries but I need to do better than that before I go pay the $35 to take the test.

p.s no, that is not me in the pic


Nathaniel said...

Hi Dolly,

I have the special honour of actually knowing Dolly in person and can tell you all that she is way hotter than the girl in the photo.

Getting a license is a pain in the butt out here, but it's definitely a neccesity when it comes to getting so many jobs we want. So much for this bullshit "green shift". If they really wanted us to be so green they'd improve public transit 100 times over.

Arual said...

I don't like driving very much too. When I was learning, it was in my dad or bf at the time's vehicle and both would get me so nervous because they were nervous. Plus they had the stereo-type of woman driver and my nerves were "helping" me live up to it which made the cycle go round. When I was 20, I bit the bullet and decided to get my lisence (spelling?). The first thing that helped was having a driving instructor teach me who had witnessed all sorts of driving and reasssured me there was someone worse than me (even if it was only one person who was worse, my confidence instantly felt better).And with confidence and realizing that I was controlling how fast/slow/ which way to go, I felt more at ease. No one was barking orders to me or getting frustrated because I was nervous and things went smoothly.

I have had my license for 6 years now. I still don't like driving that much (especially in the city), but knowing that I have that card in my wallet lends such a feeling of freedom. And as time goes by, I feel better and better about driving. Which you will too.

Good luck on your learners test. And I hope you have enough faith in yourself to get your license. :)