Thursday, July 31, 2008

Greyhound Decapitation

I heard about this story at work today as we listen to the radio while we work. It made me sick and never left my thoughts the entire day. As a person who has ridden greyhound numerous times I am terrified. In the past I had only made sure to protect my carry on by slipping my leg through the arm strap to prevent it from being stolen while I slept. Never in my life would I have ever imagined that I would need to worry about being murdered in my sleep. This is Canada... we don't fear each other...

My thoughts are with the young victims family right now.

I have linked to a YouTube video for you.

Fellow blogger Nathaniel has also shared his thoughts through video.


Nathaniel said...

Take a few extra sleeping pills tonight. I don't think the country will sleep well for a while.

Canadian Saver said...

The only good thing out of all of this is the murderer is in custody.

It is absolutely horrible. I cannot imagine what that young guy's family is going through right now, or how the passengers are coping :-(