Thursday, July 10, 2008

$16 Richer and Prouder

Earlier this year I worked for a horrible seniors home. It was so depressing. I couldn't handle the working conditions or the annoying manager. Once I got a new job I called up and quit. I had only worked 4 shifts and the manager guaranteed me that I wouldn't be charged any union fees. I had to fight to get my pay and ROE from the jerk. When I did there were $40 in union fees. Instead of dealing with him again I decided to call the union directly.

The union was very distressed to hear all about his behavior and offered to refund me what they could. Part of the fees stayed with the company and part were paid to the union. They told me they would give me back what they could but I would have to fight the company for the rest.

A few months had gone by and I thought that maybe the woman hadn't completed my request after all but I found a cheque in the mail the other day for $16.60. I guess the cheque was just waiting until I really needed it to show up.

Yay for standing your ground!!!

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Nathaniel said...

I know of that employer - I have other friends who've worked for him and he's pulled the exact same shit. I'd like to believe that unions are actually doing something to help us average workers. Obviously they've done little of anything to stnad up for job security. They just want to gouge us for our money while the union workers drive around in expensive SUVs. I live next to the union hq and their parking lot is full of fancy cars.