Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Steal of a Deal on Prescription Glasses

I recently had an opportunity to check out some prescription glasses online at ZenniOptical.com. They have a huge variety of glasses at a great price because they cut out the middle man, the retailer, and sell directly to the customer.

I liked that there is a base shipping fee of $4.95 for shipping no matter how many pairs you buy. They also have frames starting at just $8.00. They even include anti scratch coating and UV protection for free.

This site is great for somebody like me who knows exactly what style of frame I like and hate going store to store trying to find the exact ones. With the price of gas being so high its nice to shop online and have things delivered for you. I recently purchased new glasses and it was a pain shopping around and being pressured everywhere I went to buy glasses that didn't even look good on me.

So if you're shopping for new glasses check em out, the site is very user friendly!

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Nathaniel said...

w00t! I have perfect vision but I wanna get some glasses just to look a bit older and wiser!