Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekend Fun

Last Saturday was a super treat for me! BF finally agreed to go check out Dodd Narrows with me. We packed up a lunch and small portable bbq so that we could have a picnic while we checked out the scenery. Its probably a 45-100 hike through Cable bay down to Dodd Narrows.

Once we got there I broke my camera out right away. I was able to film a seagull eating a starfish within an hour of being there. The wildlife there is incredible. Its of BC's top diving spots. Just standing on the edge of the water there were tons of star fish and sea anemones everywhere! They are very common all over the tidal pools here on the island but these were in huge groupings as far as the eye could see into the water. We also noticed some bald eagles nesting in a tree across the water on Mudge Island. It was definitely a great place to get away and enjoy some time with nature.

There are a lot of boats that pass thorough as a way to save gas and money so if you go be prepared to see a wide variety of boats passing through. BF checked the tide charts so we would be there to watch the crazy currents and eddies. I filmed it quite a bit with the camera BF got me a few Christmas' ago.

The hike back has a lot of uphill to it so its not for the faint of heart. As we were walking a small snake slithered across my shoe and got hung up for a moment. I wasn't afraid of him biting me but I was freaked out that I might move the wrong way and squish the poor guy. Also, another pointer is to wear a long sleeved breathable shirt for the hike bike. As you sweat a million mosquito's will chase you down. I couldn't keep them off me for a second and I was covered in huge bites. I guess its a small price to pay for the amazing day.

It was important for me to visit because soon a major part of the land near Cable bay will be developed against the wants of the people living in the area. I live in a near by area and signed petitions to limit the development. It wont stop the project but it will limit the area they can use which is better than nothing. When I was looking up links for this post I was shocked to find an advertisement for the development online. *sigh* Is nothing sacred anymore?

Here are a few photos I took along the way:

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Esme said...

Cool photos! Must be so neat to see in real life.