Saturday, June 21, 2008

So Cute, It Makes Me Sick

Our neighborhood is filled with cats. Every day I have kitties just walking right in and making themselves at home. Two weeks ago I was standing in the driveway with my niece when we noticed a cat looking at us from the other side of the road. As soon as we made eye contact with it, it charged at us full speed. I've never seen a cat do that before so I moved in front of my niece just in case, but she was nothing but a purring machine.

Since then she comes every day and hangs out with us. Last night she was jumping all over the branches in our cherry tree trying to catch birds that hang out at the feeder. She is so cuddly and loving. Now when other cats come around she sits in front of us and growls and hisses at them like she owns us! I caught her cornering another cat in one our closets growling like crazy. The above is a picture of the poor cat that was trapped being carefully watched by our new kitty friend.

I call this picture " Do you really have to do that when I'm eating ?!"

"Alright then, take a picture of this!!"

" Whatever then, stare all you want"

I love this cat to death but I'm so allergic that I woke up today and my eye ball was swollen. I'm talking my actual EYE BALL. Eww. BF put some drops in that helped before he left for his trip today and I took some Benedryl that seems to be helping.

That didn't stop me from petting him with my sleeve 20 minutes later though. I mean who could resist that face?


L@SpillingBuckets said...

Aww... I love kitties!

Is (s)he a stray or just an outdoor pet?

I used to be allergic but we got a cat that doesn't give me any problems.

Dolly Iris said...

She's an outdoor cat I guess. I figured out yesterday what home she is from.

I think she likes us better :P

Arual said...

This makes me laugh. My cat is an outdoor cat and I sometimes think he is so fat despite me having him on a diet and trying to mae him run around playing because he has another family he goes to for food. I love that the cats all hang out at your house.

LeighAnn said...

That is so adorable....I love animals! And she is super pretty too!