Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mail Call

Today we went past the store that has our PO Box so I stopped in to see if anything had arrived lately. I was worried there may be bills I don't really want to see right now but it was better than I thought.

There was one bill but its in BF's name so I don't have to worry about that one. Then there was letters from the University telling me my date to register and all this. No, I'm not going to school but they send me this every year since I originally applied. Waste of paper! Then there was my chequing account statement... boring. Then there was a letter from the government stating we are all squared away for taxes. Good! Lastly there was some relief...

Earlier this year I wrote about MSP and how, dependent on your income, you may qualify for assistance under which its partially or fully covered. Last year I was EI for a good part of it due to an illness so my income was under $20,000 and so they are not going to be billing me the rest of the year. I usually pay $32.40 a month so this will be a relief since money is tight right now.


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Canadian Saver said...

Ah that is good news!! About the taxes and the MSP :-)