Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Employment Update

So I have a small update for everybody regarding my job search.

First of all I have that interview tomorrow at the portrait studio. I hope it goes well. I need some new clothes and shoes if I take this job. I've been working pretty rough jobs the last while and have no dressier type clothing anymore.

Secondly I got an email back about another part time job picking up some shifts at a mom and pop type bakery. They wanted to know if I would be available for specific days which I am so I emailed them back earlier to let them know I'm still interested. We'll see what happens from here.

Lastly, I planted a seed to my friend that if her mother needed help with her landscaping company from time to time that I would be interested in some extra money. Today she got back to me that her mom does have some jobs that I could do without having a vehicle. My friend said there may be some weekends or days where she might come with me if she can find child care arrangements to make some money too. We may meet up Friday morning to look at a job site or two which I am very excited about.


I just checked my email and I got another response from the bakery to set up an interview so I offered some times I am available for sure to meet with them. Fabulous :)


Meri said...

I'm pretty new to reading your blog, but I just wanted to say that I was sorry to read about what happened at your other job. That sucks. Good luck with finding something soon. I hope one of these options works out for you.

Arual said...

Way to go! :) Good lu with all of these interviews.