Thursday, June 19, 2008

Same Old Story

My boss has still not contacted me regarding my work status so I sent him a very professional email today. I have to go there tomorrow to pick up my pay cheque as I still have two days owed to me. I really have no idea if I have a job there, not that I would go back, but I would like to get my paperwork filed if I'm fired.

I sent the email to my boss to start a paper trail between us. I already documented the last conversation we had and am going to email it to the union rep as soon as my boss finalizes everything. It may not help me but its a step in the right direction for the amazing women I met while working there.


I already received an email back and it is quite funny. It proves the fact that I was let go because he is intimidated by me and this is just what I wanted before contacting the union rep. There is a cheque there for me and after I pick it up tomorrow I can hit send on my email to the union. Once then email is sent I'm wiping my hands clean of this experience and moving on. My boss on the other hand can stew in the juices he has created for himself. I hope this helps out the women working there in their fight to get him out of the company. I noticed he also advertised our jobs before we were fired so I took a screen shot to send along as well. The proof is in the pudding my friends.


Canadian Saver said...

Oh this does not seem like a good situation... so glad you got out of it!!! Good luck with the union stuff, like you say if you can help someone who's still working there, it'll be worth it!!

SavingDiva said...

I didn't realize that you were let go! Do you have another job?

Dolly Iris said...

Canadian Saver - Yes, once I pick up my cheque there today I will be glad to be gone. I hope its not too awkward. I know the ladies are waiting on me to send this email but I have to take care of getting paid first :)

Saving Diva - Yes, I was pretty much let go (starved for shifts), when I spoke up about it my boss basically told me it was because he has a feeling I don't like him or the company and think I could do better than him??? Ok.... but its not just me, there are a few of us. It's all just a sick game for a strange man.

I don't have another job currently but I do have a friends company that I can pick up some work from landscaping. Things are really tight right now but I'm keeping a smile on my face. ;)