Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bringing down the Hydro Bill

Yes! I checked the mail again to find that I still don't owe any money on my cell phone. I overpaid somehow awhile ago and haven't had to pay the last two bills. In fact I still have a credit but it won't cover a full month. I guess its lucky I did that while I had the funds cuz things are tight right now.

In other mail news our hydro bill was only $159.61 which is a huge drop! I am very happy to see this. Its been annoying to never see our bill going down and now it is.

I would like to think that all of our energy conserving, plus the weather (who am I kidding, have u seen the weather?), has helped bring it down significantly, but I notice other bloggers announcing the same thing about their bills. I thought I heard hydro was going up?!



Canadian Saver said...

Does your bill include heating too?
We pay around $175/month, just for never fluctuates much because it doesn't include heating or a/c (which I wish I had!!).

Check your bill carefully, we actually got a $22 credit last month, something NB Power gave to all its customers...

Dolly Iris said...

Yes, it includes heating as well.

I double checked just now and the only credit we got was the 97 cents I overpaid last month, lol.

I deal with BC Hydro. We are always very aware of our energy consumption and in the summer its really low but it seems like a drastic drop from last bill. Not that I'm complaining.

The bill says its from Apr 09 - Jun 05. Not too shabby!!

Arual said...

I work in utilities. And it is going up. My bill decreased this month too because I don't use my furnace now that its nice out. It was chilly for most of the month as it rained and rained here, but I just cuddled up in blankets. Also, the days are longer so there is more light and therefore less electricty is used. I also locked into a gas rate and my electricity is locked in at 8¢/kWh.

Fabulously Broke said...

It's always a nice surprise to know you overpaid and are off the hook LOL