Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Garden Updates

If you haven't checked it out yet I have another blog featuring my experimental garden. I say experimental as its been years since I've been able to have a garden and have planted a lot of things that I had never had the chance to until now.

If you are into gardening check it out.

It's updated periodically, I'm going to be trying for once a week, and is full of pictures of my little babies. I also write about the crazy birds we have blessing our yard, quite interesting little guys we have!


Canadian Saver said...

I think I'll post weekly pics too! Just to see how things progress and when things are ready to be harvested. Next year I can look back and compare.

Still think your new containers are great!!

Dolly Iris said...

Thank you so much! My BF is a pretty handy guy to have around.

I'll be looking forward to watching your garden grow. Should be some good savings ; )