Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thanks for the $100 Mr. Lush Campbell

I saw it on the news yesterday and today its in my hands. My $100 from the BC government.

Nope, I'm not talking about GST cheques being a few weeks early. I'm referring to my $100 climate - action cheque.

Residents of BC can go here to find out more about it.

You can also check out what The Province had to say about. Take time to read the comments... pretty funny!

So how about that cost of living, eh? Pretty fucking outrageous on Vancouver Island right now... how about a that wage increase we've been waiting 6 years for? I think that will help us out a lot better than $100. Nice try on trying to sugar coat the carbon tax, its not like any of us noticed what you are doing.

Well I guess its better than the nothing we're used to. I'll be giving mine right back in the form of a BC student loan payment. How lovely :)~


If this is really a climate action cheque why did they waste so much paper to get it to us?


Nathaniel said...


I think it's been longer than six years for an increase in minimum wage. If they are so damn concerned about the environment why don't they improve bus service and create greater incentives to use transit? It's just a cheap ploy to buy popularity with the voters before next year's election when we'll boot them out of office.

Canadian Saver said...

Are you serious that there hasn't been an increase in the minimum wage in BC for 6 years? We're lucky here in NB because the Tories had made that one of their election promises and it increases once a year at least now (it's still under $8 though!!)

I'd take the $100 !!! You are right about the paper being wasted though, geez.

Dolly Iris said...

Yes, we've been promised a hike to $10 for 6 years now. Its ridiculous! The people of BC are furious. I don't even see the possibility of me being able to own a home in my own town that I was born and raised in. The cost of living is insane here!