Monday, June 9, 2008

The conversation - part 2

My boss swung his chair away from me leaving me to stare at his back of his slowly balding head. The he swung back with great force and blurted out:

"Actually I've thought about it and already made up my mind that I'm not going to keep you. It's just not working out."

I was stunned! I asked for some type of explanation as to why I was being let go and he said my "begging and pleading made him feel uncomfortable". Excuse me? Asking for an explanation as to why I'm being fired with no notice is hardly begging. This man has some serious issues.

The conversation lasted 20 minutes and it felt like a bad ping pong game. He gave me lame excuses and I defended myself. Basically it all boils down to the fact that he believes that I don't enjoy my work and that I think I am smarter than him and that I could run the factory better. WTF?? How do I know this? He told me.

He told me a lot of other BS excuses too but I'm not feeding into because I know its a game he's playing.He doesn't want anyone to make it past probation because then he loses control over the situation. In the end I asked him if he had planned to inform me ever on how to improve so that this wouldn't happen and why he wasn't honest in the first place instead of cutting my shifts. He was very dismissive about the situation and offered to give me what he could until I found something else. The nerve!

He also told me that he was also "getting rid" of the woman I spoke of in my last post. This woman immigrated to Canada and is part of a dual income family. She's been very insulted and distressed over this situation too. I decided it was my duty as her friend and a human being to let her know what was said so that she can move on. I also informed her of BC labor law which states if you are fired after 3 months of employment you can get a small compensation. Not a lot but every bit helps when you have three teenage boys to feed at home.

This news has been very unsettling for my other coworkers who have been getting sick of the games at work. Women who have worked there for 7-20 years are fed up and typing out resumes. There is a union meeting sometime this week and I've been asked if I would supply a list of the comments made by our manager during our discussion Friday. These women are ready to take a stand.

I am not going to fight this. I've had too many battles the last few years and I'd rather just move on to somewhere that's not toxic. I am worried because he's put in a position where I have to find a job right now or I'll have to use my tiny EFund and I really don't want my goals jeopardized by this monster. I think its sick that he has no respect for people trying to make a living, but I cannot dwell in this right now, I have to act fast.


Canadian Saver said...

Oh Dolly, I'm sorry to hear this :-( Sounds like you got out of there in time though... a job like that will make you ill in the long run.

Best of luck getting something else soon!!

ASHLEY said...

Wow that is so sketchy and unfair! I'm sorry that that happened to you.

debtfretter said...

Oh Dolly, I'm so sorry - I hope you get something else soon. I'll be thinking of you.

Arual said...

Holy Hannah! I think you should at least write a letter to the union about this. What kind of union doesn't protect all of its employees from this kind of situation?
And at least you honestly know that you are smarter than him. Grrr! This situation irks me!

Dolly Iris said...

I wrote out a detailed copy of our discussion on Friday. There is a union meeting on Wednesday (tomorrow) and I will be passing my info on to a union member to share at the meeting.
It lists numerous comments that were made to me by my manager. If he hasn't processed my dismissal paperwork yet I'm sure he will if he hears about this.