Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Don't Play Games when it comes to Dolly's Money!!

For the last few weeks I have not talked about my job much because I've been having some very serious issues there. I haven't had any more coworker issues. In fact the person I did have issues with is now a great person to work with. No, this is something far worse.

I have a manager who likes to play head games with people. He likes to control the staff with fear. Fear for their jobs. How pathetic!

When I first started my boss really liked me. He would come talk to me all the time and he was a really fun guy to be around. My supervisor and my boss are like best friends. Well actually my boss married my supervisors best friend or something to that effect. They would both tell me what a great worker I was all the time. It made me feel really good because they never say that to anyone.

Then I noticed the other staff treating me differently. The started making jokes about how I was going to be the boss's and sup's new sidekick. I quickly learned that I had to distance myself a little bit from my boss or else the rest of the staff would snub me. Harsh right?

So when my boss would come and tell me I did a good job I would suggest he tell everyone how great we were being. He told me he didn't like to tell them things like that because then they weren't as productive. In his mind you are never good enough. He would tell me, in what I thought was a jokingly manner, that I should plant thoughts into the newer girls minds to make them afraid of him. I guess he wasn't joking after all.

Soon after I started trying to distance myself from him a little bit the coworkers accepted me again. Then a new girl came and she became the "golden one". She likes it though. She gets to do all the cushy jobs and gets more hours than people that have been there longer.

When I first started and they were short hours my boss pulled us all in a room and told us that hours go by who has been here the longest. There is a list on the wall (we are union) and everyone is in order of hire date. The hours go to those on top first. I was okay with this because I knew others would be hired after me and soon I would be high enough on the list not to worry about not getting hours. I was just paying my dues, biding my time.

Well for the last three weeks the "golden one" has been getting hours before me and some of the other woman above her on the list. I talked to the union rep about this and she said there's nothing I can do while I'm still on probation. Probation is 60 days (worked). Currently I'm somewhere around 35. At this rate the "golden one" will pass me in days worked eventually and then what? Also, my boss never speaks to me or looks me in the eye anymore.

So last week I had my mid-probation review. Everything was very positive with the union rep sitting by my side. Then he asked me if I like my job. I told him I liked the work and I like my coworkers so if anything the only thing that would make me leave is not getting enough hours. I reminded him of my 2 yr plan to go to Australia and that I need as many hours as possible. I told him from the start that this job makes me too tired to hold two jobs so if I am going to work there I need whatever I can get. He just nodded.

So then I said.. I don't understand why people who have been here less time than me get more shifts because.... Then I was rudely cut off and he told me that he never said he could guarantee me 40hr/wk and that right now he's moving hours around.

What does that mean? Then he told me I need to work faster. I asked him to clarify what that meant and he just responded with "overall". That's funny.. before I was an excellent worker, now that I know more and do more how can I be worse? I guess I hit a wrong button somewhere on his ego meter.

So I didn't work Thursday because I've been sick. Friday I wasn't scheduled. I went in to pick up my cheque and my boss told me there was no work for me Monday. Today they called me at some early hour to get me to come in. I told them not to do that. I can't get a ride when they do that and its too unorganized. It means I have to be ready at 5 each morning just in case they call.
So I called and my boss is out all week. So I talked to my supervisor and she told me that they need me tomorrow. I'm really sick today but I need the cash so I agreed. I totally forgot that I schedule an interview tomorrow at 2:30 and I get off work at that exact time.

Yes! That's right! Yesterday I got pissed off and so I sent my resume out to a few places. Today I got to responses. Because I'm sick I fogged and booked the wrong time. I also didn't know I was going to have to work tomorrow so now I'm in a pickle.

If I can get through probation I don't have to worry about this anymore. He will HAVE to schedule me if there are hours. The thing is I really enjoy the job and my coworkers. The problem is I don't like people playing games with me and my paycheck.

I decided I will go to work tomorrow and just tell my supervisor first thing that I have an appointment tomorrow and will have to leave a half hour early. This shouldn't be a problem because at the end of the day things are winding down anyway and they shouldn't need me. Then I'll slip into my interview clothes and run down to the interview which is super close to my work.

I'm not looking forward to an interview right now because I'm still very sick guys! I know I don't look that healthy right now and so it might leave a bad impression on the interviewer. I don't even know if I want a new job but I have to do something! The other job offer was a part time job 1-2 a week gardening. Something I might be able to do on weekends if I decide to contact them back.

The interview is for a job I'm not sure if I will like so thats another part of why I'm hesitating. It's hard to make these decisions when your head is fogged up.

I just want to be not stressed at work. That's all I want. I'm just biding my time here while I pay off my debt and save for this trip. I just want to go to work, do my job and then come home to not have to think about it. Is that so much to ask?


ASHLEY said...

wow that situation does sound really horrible! it's a sad situation that you have to leave something you like, and it's even more of a shame that your boss is the one forcing you to do that.

good luck on your interview!

Dolly Iris said...

Thanks Ashley! Well, I'm not sure what I will do at this point. If I can make it through probation I really do want to stay at this job as strange as its sounds because then he won't be able to pull the crap anymore.

What is worse is the other woman who this is happening too are really scared. They have mortgages and families and are a lot older than me and accustomed to this style of work. I worry about them more than I do me.

It's very sick! The employees that have been there years have seen this happen over and over again. They are very supportive to me but its hard to deal with.

I have financial goals I have to meet and last paycheck wasn't so great :(

SavingDiva said...

Good luck with your job interview. Your current work environment sounds horrible and toxic! GET OUT!

Canadian Saver said...

Good luck tomorrow!! I hope the work situation gets resolved soon... sounds stressful :-(

Fabulously Broke said...

I hear that honey.

I'm about to quit on my effing company because I'm getting steamed up about them

Just with all the BS I've had to put up with....