Monday, June 23, 2008

Show Your Style with Network Solutions

Have you ever felt a little limited by the your blog host? Sometimes I do. I am a pretty creative person and sometimes I wish I had the know how when it comes to blog designs. I would love to show more of my own style. I think it would give another insight to me as a blog writer and would probably attract more readers. It can be so boring seeing the same templates over and over again. When ever I notice a lot of bloggers using the same template as me I try to switch it up but its still not ME.

With Network Solutions you can let your funkiness shine through in two ways.

1)Do It Yourself Web Sites

2)Professional Web Design Services

Myself I would probably go with the Do it Yourself option as I want to be all hands on with my blog. With Network Solutions you don't have to be a professional website designer because the tools are all built to help you every step of the way. Rates start at $4.95 and include all sorts of goodies like a free domain name.

If you prefer to leave it to somebody else thats okay too. They have trained professionals ready to make your ideas into reality.

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