Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bypassing the Tax Man

I'm having some serious tax issues that I'll elaborate on in another post so I took my chances on trying to call their forever busy toll free number. Amazing I got through and had my call answered within 3 minutes. Wow!

After I finished all my questions I asked one on behalf of someone close to me. I was curious as to what happens when you decide not to do your taxes by the deadline. She stated very simply that if you are receiving a refund that there would be no penalty but it would be noted that it was filed late. If you owe then the amount will start accruing interest as of May 1st and may be subject to a penalty of 5%.

So today is the day people... the final chance to get them filed on time!

If you are trying to get some help with your taxes the toll free number is 1-800-959-8281. If you get a busy signal...I wouldn't be surprised,lol. If you get through and the mechanical man comes on just press * to bypass all the crap and get into the queue. Works like a charm.


Canadian Saver said...

Netfile was seriously bogged down... I tried for a couple days and finally got through yesterday afternoon, by some miracle. I had done my taxes about a month ago, but I had put off doing my sister's. She was getting a refund anyway. It's interesting that they still note it as being late.

Glad you got through so fast!! I hate waiting on the other end of the line...

Nathaniel said...

Why is it always a tax "man" and not a tax "woman"? Capitalism is so friggen sexist!:)

Dolly Iris said...

Canadian Saver - I was surprised I got through too.

Nathaniel - I suppose I have just always heard it referred to as "the man" lol.