Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Relationships and Money

I couldn't think of what to post today when I found this old one that I had never posted. Here it is:

Anywho.. it's been really starting to bother me lately that my BF is not as excited as me when it comes to learning about personal finance.

I've tried showing him charts, dragging him to the Gail Vaz-Oxlade seminar, talking to him about it and my favorite... trying to scare him into it lol.

I just want us to kind of be on the same level. I don't expect him to be as giddy as I am about it, but I'd like to see him take on more responsibility when it comes to his money.

For example, paying bills on time! Oh, this drives me absofreakinlutely insane!! Or how about letting his money sit in his chequing account not making even one cent of interest. OR how about not starting his retirement savings yet when he has the means to do so.

We plan to marry in the years to come and quite frankly I sometimes get very, very upset at him about his lack of commitment to building a better future for us. I know he has a great career ahead of him and he will be able to live a comfortable lifestyle with that income but I want us to be 100% secure. Money = Security to me.

I know that nagging him won't make a difference and may just turn him off of it more but I only do it because I care. I thinks its important for both of us to save for the future. He wants to retire early so maybe he should get to work saving for it? Hmmm

I guess in the end all that should truly matter to me is that I am doing the best I can so that I will always be secure. His actions aren't prohibiting me from doing what I know is right with my money.

Anyone else having this problem? :(


Anonymous said...

My hubby has no desire to get into it either. He just says "Pay the bills and be done with it!"

Fabulously Broke said...


And I'm telling you, you better be damn sure you're okay to deal with that attitude forever or be ready ot babysit him financially

If that kind of thing will drive you nuts, you better make sure you two are on the same page before you two get married

Trust me.. I know from experience :(

That's why I'm so relieved my BF is more on board than Ex ever was, and he UNDERSTANDS when I get excited about saving money, budgeting and being smart about money.. in fact, he's amazed and appreciative, and you know what? I love not babysitting him or worrying about his money for him

So now, I can move forward and see him as a real partner in life because I don't have to babysit him which was what killed my last relationship

Dolly Iris said...

Well luckily he's not THAT bad. His family views money differently. They all invested their money in things like real estate and business ventures. They didn't worry about RRSP's. They had a different strategy. Luckily its paid off for everyone and he takes advice from them.Their unconventional ways don't sit as well as me as I am "a planner".
I know what is like to "babysit" and I'm not going there again. LOL
I know I'm wearing off on him because he came up to me the other day and said " I don't think I'm going to do the whole ING Direct thing but I'm ready to do something what the money short term."

LIke music to my ears ladies!