Friday, April 11, 2008

First Pay Day of the New Job


Wow! Does it ever feel good to be working full time again. When I first started the manager wasn't sure I could get full hours for the first month but then some people left and hours needed to be filled. The job is union and I'm already slowly rising up the list which means I'm priority over them for getting shifts.

I love the hours of my job. 6am - 230pm Monday to Friday. There was one week that I didn't get to work the Monday which means my cheque is for 72 hours which still makes me very happy.

I love getting paid so that I can funnel the funds where I want to and feel good about the decisions I make with my money. I can never wait to make an extra payment onto my debt. Its an incredible feeling to be one step closer each time.

I've also learned to not even think about the money in my savings. Last week the money in my account went into overdraft for the first time in forever because things were so hectic I forgot about a few things coming out. OOOPS !! It stunned me that I had let my account get so low but I guess I was caught up in all the drama happening around me. Never once though did it even cross my mind that I had money sitting in my ING Direct account for my EFund. There wasn't any emergency anyways, but it shows how my thinking has changed in the last few years. Before I would have just dipped into my savings without a second thought.

I'm glad that I actually utilize my pay now and make it work for me instead of blowing it. I'm so happy for my first payday to finally be here! I think I'm just on call for Monday and Tuesday which sucks money wise but I'd probably enjoy an extra day to get things caught up around here.

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Canadian Saver said...

Oh that's great! Seems like you are enjoying this job too :-) Dunno how you get up for 6 am every single morning though....... ick!