Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I bought my bus pass too soon

As you may remember I had mentioned having to take a cab to my new job because it started so early in the morning that there is no public transit. Well I did this for a week with the cost being at $10 per day. Hmm... suddenly I feel ill, lol.

This week I was fortunate to get a ride yesterday to work from a woman who's husband had to leave work to drive her as she has the same transit issue. Today I got a ride to and from work from another woman who is willing to take me any days we work together, which is every day unless one of us is ill.

Well yesterday I had taken the bus home from work to discover that my pass had expired because it was April 1st. So I sucked it up and paid my $2.25 to get home. I stopped at the local store to get a bus pass so I wouldn't waste money. I thought I was being organized but it seems I may have jumped the gun.

This woman is willing to drive me to and from work everyday for $5. Not bad I think, seeing as I am out of her way to go to work. I'm glad that this all worked out but now I'm out $60 for the pass I probably wont use much. I would have been better off buying a pack of prepaid tickets instead. If only I had procrastinated and waited another day to buy the pass.... *sigh.

Today I spent $8 Eating out :(

Today I received a cheque for $225 from a labour dispute that ended today with a former employer. This will probably just go to helping out the bills as I need to get some paychecks coming in regularly.


Canadian Saver said...

Glad you got the $225!! Was that the final settlement?

I think $5/day is very cheap to get a ride from someone else. You won't have to walk to the bus stop and wait in the rain or cold and you will hop into a nice, warm car. It's a win/win situation :-)

Dolly Iris said...

Yes, it was the final settlement and I am more than thrilled to past it now.

I agree $5 a day is fair. She's doing me a greatly needed service and she'll make a little extra on the side. Happy happy happy!