Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's GST Cheque Time Again Boys and Girls

This weekend when I visit my PO Box I am hoping that I will find both my GST cheque and my tax refund. That would make me a happy Dolly for sure!

A recent commenter asked what I plan to do with my GST cheque. Well, I think that I will plunk the full amount onto my student loan debt. I think I get about $95 or something quarterly so it will definitely help out.

As for my tax refund I've already posted that I will use $400 towards my student loan debt and reserve $100 for clothing. It looks like that money has already been spent as my BF went to Victoria for work today and while he was there he stopped in at MEC to pick up some things. They finally had THE sweater I have been drooling over for two months in stock in my size and I am thrilled. It's got 5/5 reviews and will be a great investment piece to take to Australia.

So what are you doing with your GST cheque?

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Canadian Saver said...

Mine went directly to my Paris trip fund :-)