Monday, April 14, 2008

RESP - For your Friends and Families Children

I have been reading over RESP info that I obtained while at the Government office the other day with a friend. I was happy to read that you could start RESP savings for children that are not your own. I have often wanted to start some type of savings for my niece and nephew, but wasn't sure how to approach this.

I know my sister received some literature in the past and I do think she would qualify for the $500 grant but she hasn't started the steps for it yet due to some other issues more urgently at hand right now. A friend of mine has also wanted to start savings for her child who just turned one. So I picked up the info, stapled it into packets and have been handing them out to people.

Last night I stumbled across an article on My Open Wallet while catching up on blogs I regularly read in which she discussed the similar desire.

Problem being that I shouldn't just jump in there because my sister hasn't done it yet. I don't know if it would offend her or if she would appreciate it. All I know is that I want my niece and nephew to have more opportunities than we did.

All in all I am starting to think that while I can encourage my family and friends and supply them with information that I might not want to go to the extent of opening one for them. Instead I have come up with something else that I will post about later in the week!

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