Sunday, April 13, 2008

Late Night Payments

Even though this will post under Sunday's date its still Saturday night to me.

I checked my PO Box and was happy to find both my tax refund cheque and GST cheque waiting for me! I took them to my bank next door and deposited them immediately.

I just transfered $600 from my account to pay towards my Federal Student loan which brings me past my goal of bringing that debt under $3000 this month!! I got $90.50 for GST which I applied in full to the loan. My refund was $503.53 which also went in full to the loan. So I just rounded it all up and made it an even $600.

I know I said I was going to take $100 out and put it towards my clothes budget but something really thoughtful happened. When I tried to pay my bf back for the sweater he picked up for me he declined and convinced me not to pay him back. He said he wanted it to be a gift and that he'd rather see me put my money towards my loan instead since I'm so eager to pay it off. So I decided to put my entire refund on the loan.

I also initiated a transfer of $100 to my ING Direct Savings account as well! That brings me just over 50% of my monthly goal. I am happy to see that EFund growing again!

I may have been a little neglectful to some of my monthly goals but I always take care of the financial end of things which is most important to me. When I plug my payments into the Excel sheet my bf made me I drool watching the numbers melt away.

I'm feeling pretty good :)

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Canadian Saver said...

That's very sweet of your boyfriend! And when you get that loan paid off, you can always use a part of your "free" money for more clothes :-)