Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mid Month TCOB Review for April 2008

1) Bump EFund up to $600. Already 50% of the way there!!

2) Pay Student loan down to $3000. Completed!! I'm now starting to work out the numbers to see if I can squeeze it under $2500. I'm not sure though yet!

3) Apply for International Student Homestay/Peerstay Program Not Completed

4) Organize two boxes from storage room. Not Completed

5) Track all spending during the month I've already decided this method will not work for me.

6) Produce 5 jewellry pieces for sale at this years farmers market. Um... nope.

7) Plant garden. We are working on this one together... its not time yet and we still have some digging to do.

8) Get Learners License!!! No, but I have to check to see what time they will do tests until during the day because of my new job.

9) Organize Personal Office This room is a mess!! I've been spending all my energy on rearranging the bedroom and living room... oops.


Canadian Saver said...

You've done a lot already and we're still not the 15th! Way to go :-)

As for the tracking, which method did you try? Last year I put everything in my daytimer, this year I'm just using my blog and an Excel spreadsheet. I've seen some do it with an index card stuck in their wallet.

Good luck getting the rest of your list done :-)

LeighAnn said...

OK, you have way more red stuff than green.


Now, go do at least one of the reds and turn it to green.

Comment on my blog when you do I will will give you a prize!

Dolly Iris said...

Canadian Saver - I was trying to track the spending on my blog but we had a guest for 5 days who would not remove her ass from my computer chair so it didn't work.
The idea regarding the index card is intriguing though!

Leighann - SO true! I'll let you know when I start behaving better!