Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Procrastination Paid Off!!

Last week everyone was giving me crap for not planting my garden yet. Haha! My procrastination has finally paid off because had I planted last week I would have been enraged by the freak snow store this last weekend. Boy am I glad I missed that one.

I woke up Saturday thinking joyfully about how bright it was in my home. I was thrilled because I needed a sunny day off to do laundry since our dryer element broke in half (new one ordered, being installed by BF tonight :)). I jumped up, put on my spectacles and realized the brightness was coming off the gleam of the snow.

Huh? Snow?

We rarely get snow on the west coast as it is but NEVER at this time of year. The planet is going crazy I tell ya! Everyone was in shock about it all weekend.

I took the time out to learn how to make california rolls at home. It was really fun. I also made wonton soup along with some extra wontons to freeze for later ;) I love wonton soup but folding the wontons is tedious so I usually get a team going. This time my BF and his friend folded the wontons while I prepared everything else.

BF made his butter chicken last night so I don't have to make a lunch for a few days! I am so glad that I HAVE to bring a lunch to this job! I save a lot of money and I eat really well. The hardest part about lunches is keeping things interesting! I always make my lunch the night before and I'm always glad I did once morning comes. My morning is 4:45 am so anything I can do to sleep an extra 10 minutes I will!

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