Saturday, April 19, 2008

The New Bedframe

Here are the pics of my new bedframe. My room is not that huge so it's only showing the headboard but the kickboard is practically the same.

I love it! I was shopping with my mom looking for a foam topper for her bed when I saw it at a business that is selling out to close in the summer.

When we first moved to this house last summer my BF promised to buy us a new bedframe. So he went with me to go see the one I had FINALLY picked out and after a scan of a few more stores he purchased it.

Don't worry we talked them down in price quite a bit!

It's so nice not sleeping on the floor anymore with our mattress, lol. The bed is sooooooo comfy now! We have tried not to buy much furniture because of our upcoming trip to Australia. We don't want to have to store a lot of things so most things we buy are second hand or dirt cheap so that we can get rid of them before we go. I don't want to pay for a big storage unit so we'll only keep the things we can't replace.

This bed though... I love it!


Canadian Saver said...

This looks really nice and comfy!! I've said often my best investment has been my bed... it's still comfy after 8 years!

Nathaniel said...

Congratulations on a wonderful investment! I think it's really good for your spirit to begin a new day on a nice piece of furniture. Back in Ontario I had a beautiful mahagonnay bedroom suite... complete with a headboard and kickboard...