Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's Cooking Wednesdays - Fellow Bloggers Tips and Tricks

I promised you all a super "What's Cooking Wednesday" as I slacked on last weeks due to being a little under the weather. R you ready?

First off lets give a big shout out to one amazing blog "A Year of Crock Potting" by a great blogger named Stephanie. She claims to have an unnatural obsession with her crock pot but is totally okay with it and so am I because her recipes look great! I really thought the idea of a "Crock Pot Party" was fabulous! What a great way to have everyone contribute with no stress for hours beforehand. Amazing and a must do for Dolly!

I found this blog by checking out Canadian Saver's blog roll who also updates her blog weekly with her organized meal plans. I really need to start mapping out my meals ahead of time too so I can save time, energy AND money!

Now... on to business...

Here is a handy little tool that is used often in my household.
Its an orange peeler! I've had this one for ages.
I know you can get them smaller and more compact
but I love mine and what's the sense in replacing something that works so well.

On to the recipe of the week....

Check out Krystal's

Chocolate peanut butter cup cookie recipe

I haven't had a chance to make these just yet but just looking at them made me drool and I'm not usually into sweets that much!

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Canadian Saver said...

Dolly, thanks for mentioning me :-) I didn't post my menu for this week though, I was really not organized...

I love Crockpot Lady's blog, she has some amazing ideas!!