Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Detail Obsessed Bridezilla's Now Get Even More Control!!

I always thought the term Bridezilla was pretty funny when I would watch reality TV, but now I've learned that its definitely no laughing matter!

My friend and her long term BF decided this year that they were going to get married. Since then its been a fiesta of confirmation emails, facebook groups and even her own site dedicated to her wedding. She wants everything every tiny detail scrutinized personally by her before it is approved to be at her wedding. Eek!

The wedding is in August but her demand for perfection is putting her behind on some major factors. Even though we are all aware of the event to come, she still hasn't sent out invites. The problem being she doesn't like any of the ones she's seen locally and she didn't trust to order them online because you can never tell what they're really going to look like.... or can you?

1st Class Wedding Invitations has the first ever zoom feature on their site so detail obsessed brides can check out every tiny detail on any invite on the site! I started to look through different invites but there were just too many! There was definitely something for everybody. I think I even found one the bride would like as it matches her wedding colors!

I am so relieved to find this site and can't wait to pass this one on to my "bridezilla" friend. Hopefully it puts me in her good graces! It's always safe practice to be on the good side of the bride. ;-)

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