Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Got Bananas?

Yesterday I stopped by the grocery store with my mother and I noticed there were no bananas. Instead some watermellon occupied the space along with a sad sign. The sign stated that there was an indefinite stop on banana shipments because of a strike happening with the packers. WTF?!

Good thing I don't like bananas but my BF does. I feel bad for my best friend who's baby adores a squished banana every morning. :(


LeighAnn said...

Oh I have a sudden craving for bananas.....AND I CAN'T HAVE THEM!!!!!!

Canadian Saver said...

Oh I hadn't seen this... it might just be out west...

At work yesterday there was a cute banana on the desk with an "mmmmm.... eat me" sign on it. I love bananas for breakfast! I ate it of course, can't say no to free food :-)