Sunday, May 25, 2008

Debt Reduction Envy

It seems to me reading around and observing my own behavior there's a new type of envy out there. It used to be we were all trying to keep up with the "Jones" with our spending and extending habits but now there's a new envy out there.

I notice a lot of bloggers who are a little green towards others becoming debt free or having bigger EFunds. Now I'm not saying this in an bad way because I know we all support each other in the blogosphere. I never see any bad comments (except from trolls). What I'm noticing is a trend of posts where people feel like they are not keeping up with everyone else in the debt reduction area.

When will we stop comparing ourselves to others? Everyone has different means to pay towards their goals and everyone needs be comfortable going at their own pace. If you don't understand this eventually you may get discouraged and that's never good. You need to realize that this is your journey and you are doing this for your own personal peace of mind and bit of security.

I realize that some people have the income to wipe out the remainder of my debt in the blink of an eye, but I don't and thats okay with me. I may have a tiny EFund but its better than no EFund at all. I try to focus on the fact that I am already very fortunate in the fact that I have realized my mistakes and prepared myself to make better decisions in the future. Not only that but I put a plan into action to repair my mistakes and its working.

One day I will have everything I need, a little on the side for emergencies and a whole lot of happiness. Oh wait... I have that now...


The moral of the post is be confident in where you are right now and the changes that you are making to better yourself. If you really aren't happy at all there may be something for you to look at in your life that may need a change...


Canadian Saver said...

Good post! It's true that there is always someone out there who has more than we do... a better paying job, great benefits, low debt, great interest rate, etc.

My 2 big ones that I admit I get jealous on: Incomes in the 6 figures and inheritances. I frequent a personal finance board (Debt Proof Living) and every so often someone will post that they just inherited $40,000 from a long lost aunt... and that makes me very envious.

Same with the really high incomes, but I stop and tell myself that those folks worked hard in school or making their way up the ladder to get to such an income.

I'm so glad you realize you have everything you need already :-) Your last debt will be paid off soon!!!

debtfretter said...

Great post Dolly, you make some very good points ... especially the very last one!

Chicky said...

Great post! I've just found your blog, adding my link love immedietley!

Arual said...

I agree with this. Sometimes I feel a little tinge of envy, but I remind myself that I only started this a month or two ago and that in two years, someone new will be reading my posts envious of how I am almost out of debt (maybe even sooner than that *knock on wood*)and will need to remind him or herself that some one out there envys(ies?)them.
Envy can be a good thing too. It can be a motivating factor as long as you keep that green-eyed monster in check.